Mr.Sai Prakash LeoMuthu, CEO – Sairam Institutions handing over the seed fund of Rs.10,00,000/- to Shri.V.Ponraj, Scientific Advisor to Former President of India Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam who will lead the initiative.

Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam
Innovation Ecosystem is an initiative of Sairam Institutions aimed at encouraging and inspiring engineering students across India to showcase their skill and talent by applying their Engineering knowledge in several fields to find solutions for various day-to-day problems which could help build a better world for the future. The Innovation Ecosystem will primarily focus on the following 5 areas, namely – Agriculture, Energy, Water & Environment, Manufacturing & Technology and Infrastructure.

Introduction of  Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam Innovation Ecosystem

Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai founded by renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Shri.MJF Lion Leo Muthu, is one of the leading private engineering colleges in the state of Tamilnadu with its Consistent academic performance and exceptional placement record. At a time when there are as many as 550+ engineering colleges in the state, Sairam has earned a special name for itself and is one of the most sought after institutions in Tamilnadu. All the eligible departments of the institution have been accredited by the NBA (National Board of Accreditation). The exceptional track record of Sairam speaks volumes about the standard of the institution. Sairam Engineering College is the only institution to be ranked amongst the Top 10 Engineering Colleges affiliated to Anna University ever since the rankings were first announced. Sri Sairam Institute of Technology, another engineering institution from the Sairam family also follows the flagship institution in maintaining very high standards and has been amongst the Top 15 institutions of the state since the inception of the college.

The college has an enviable academic record and has been securing the most number of university ranks amongst the 550 odd engineering Colleges consecutively for the past 3 years. In fact, during the academic year 2014-15 as many as 170 students secured University ranks including three students who secured gold medals. The fact that every department of the institution has been securing at least 3 university ranks for the past 6 years is a testimony to the remarkable consistency of the institution. No wonder, several leading national news magazines and publications have ranked Sairam amongst the top Engineering Institutions of the country.

Besides academics, the institution also attaches immense importance to Research & Development. Projects worth Rs.5 crores funded by various government and non-government bodies are currently in progress. In continuation of the research projects at Sairam 3 patents have been obtained and 7 more have been filed.

The institution has also been known to support extra and co-curricular activities at the college campus aimed at the holistic development of students. The institution hosted the 2015 edition of Tamilnadu Inter-Engineering Sports (TIES), which is one of the biggest sporting events of the state attracting more than 15000 sportspersons from the 550+ engineering colleges across the state. The institution has been winning the Anna University Zonal level Sports Championship for the past 4 years.

There are as many as 48 clubs in the college campus for students to get involved in. Each student is encouraged to join atleast 4 of those clubs to help him / her improve their knowledge and skills in the area of their choice. Every department of the college organizes an annual technical symposium which is fully organized by the students to give them the much needed exposure.

Awards, Recognitions & Major  Achievements

AICTE-CII Award 2015 – Sri Sairam Engineering College has received the “AICTE – CII Ind Pact Award for Best Industry – Linked Mechanical & Allied Engineering Institute (Degree)” during 5th University – Industry Congress –Global Higher Education Summit 2015 for its Excellence in Best Industry –Linked Mechanical & Allied Engineering programme. This prestigious award was awarded by All India Council for Technical Education and Confederation of Indian Industry.

SIIP Award 2015 – Sri Sairam Engineering College received “SIIP Awards-2015” – “Sustainable Institute Industry Partnership Award 2015” during 3rd National Summit on Summit 2015 “Sustainable Institute Industry Partnership” for its outstanding work done by the institution in establishing effective partnership with industries by Society of Educational and Entrepreneurship Development ( SEED ) at IIT Madras ,Chennai.

MMA Award 2015 – Sri Sairam Engineering College received “Managerial Excellence – 2015” award from Madras Management Association (MMA) for its Managerial Excellence in the area of Education.

Student  Achievements

A team of students led by Ms.Kavya Navaneetha Krishnan, IV yr EIE, Sri Sairam Engg College, participated in the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2016. 180 teams were shortlisted globally from over 3000 applications to participate in the event. The core purpose of the Rover Challenge 2016 is to freshly design, develop and run the new rover vehicle at the extra terrestrial conditions provided at Marshall Flight Center. The best team is adjudged based on various parameters like, speed of initiation, handling terrestrial challenges, overcoming difficult terrain, team work, speed & shortest duration taken to complete. Her team won the “Jesco Von Puttmaker International Team award” for Best International Team. On successful completion of the Rover Challenge Competition 2016, they were invited to visit a few NASA Centers in the United States of America.

She will be presented with a cash award of Rs.1,00,000/- during the press meet to recognize her phenomenal  achievement.

Mr.S.Vasanth Kumar, a student of the Mechanical Department of Sri Sairam Engineering College participated in the National Design competition ( NDC) conducted by CADD Center Private Limited for Mechanical and Civil Engineering streams and won the “Best National Product Designer” award with a cash prize of Rs.30,000/-. He will be recognized for his remarkable achievement with a cash award of Rs.30,000/- from the college management during the press meet.

Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam Innovation Ecosystem

Inspiring Innovation!

Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam Innovation Ecosystem is a CSR initiative of Sairam Institutions aimed at encouraging and inspiring engineering students across India to showcase their skill and talent by applying their Engineering knowledge in several fields to find solutions for various day-to-day problems which could help build a better world for the future. The “Innovation Ecosystem” named after former President of India Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam, will first organize a state level competition for budding engineering graduates. The participants can submit their projects in any one or more of the chosen 5 areas, namely – Agriculture, Energy, Water & Environment, Manufacturing & Technology and Infrastructure. The submitted projects will be evaluated by a 10 member eminent jury headed by Shri. Ponraj Vellaichamy, Scientist and Technical Advisor to Former President of India Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam. The other members of the jury would include eminent academicians, scientists, industrialists and social entrepreneurs. The enrolment process would commence in the month of July and more details about the competition would be published online and in leading newspapers and magazines.

The competition would have attractive prize money of Rs.25 lakhs with the top 15 finalists (5 in each area) being offered the required guidance and support to take the concept to the next level. The winners of the state level competition would take home the winner’s cheque for Rs.1 lakh. Today, a seed fund of Rs.10 lakhs will be dedicated to help kickstart the new initiative. The long-term objective of the “Innovation Ecosystem” will be to bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing the necessary technical support and access to venture capitalists to help bring the nascent ideas to life. This initiative, we believe will help build a strong eco-system for nurturing innovation and Startups in a developing country like ours. The innovation ecosystem would help transform ideas and knowledge into products and services that fuel economic growth, create large scale employment opportunities and generate significant improvements in the region’s standard of living.

The major objectives of “Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam Innovation Ecosystem” are as follows :

  • Identify, support and develop promising ideas that can generate value.
  • To attract industrial & economic partners for the progression of basic research into new innovations.
  • Create and implement tools and resources that enhance our nation’s innovation capacity.

The Innovation Ecosystem will support the needs for innovation, research and education and help further enhance the development of technologies, products and processes that benefit the society. We will look also look to explore the opportunities to work in collaboration with the government and also other organizations like ICT Academy of Tamilnadu (ICTACT) who have similar objectives.

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