1. Introduction

The Centre for Product Design and Analysis has been established to facilitate the students to learn design and analysis of products/components using various modelling and analysis software through direct forum based training and online educational platform. We focus on providing the advanced engineering coursework/training to Mechanical Engineers. Our courses are offered to students through faculties and by expert members who have been working in design and analysis field.


  1. To impart the basic theoretical and practical knowledge on design and analysis
  2. To train the students in the field of design and analysis to meet the industrial needs.
  3. To create an awareness in the recent trends in the field of design and analysis through a forum.

Training Platforms

3.1 Design and Analysis Forum

This forum has been established to train the interested students in the design and analysis field inside the campus through our faculties. The main objective of this forum is to impart the knowledge on the fundamental software to design the basic components. The details of the basic Software are as follows,

  2. PROE
  4. CATIA
  7. ANSYS


  • 3.2EDX Engine (Online Education Platform)

EdXengine is an online educational platform; which focuses on providing the basic and advanced engineering coursework to Mechanical Engineers. The courses are developed by experts who work in companies like Convergent Science – USA, Altair, Mercedes Benz, Roush etc. In the last one year over 12,000+ students used EdXengine to enhance their skill sets.

The students enrolled in the courses use the Leaderboard Platform to continuously implement and assess the skill sets they learn through the coursework. At present EdX engine is offering the below advanced Mechanical Engineering coursework that would unique particular Mechanical Engineering skill sets. The details of the courses are as follows,

  1. Product Design Formula using SolidWorks, SolidWorks Visualize, PhotoView 360 & Adobe Photoshop
  2. Internal Combustion Engine simulation using Converge-CFD
  3. Computational Fluid Dynamics using Matlab & OpenFOAM
  4. Automotive Body in White – Design of critical sheet metal components
  5. Computational Combustion using Python and Cantera
  6. Advanced OpenFOAM
  7. Computational Fluid Dynamics using C, ANSYS FLUENT & Particle Image Velocimetry
  8. Matlab for Mechanical Engineers
  9. Advanced Structural Analysis of Automotive Components for FSAE & BAJA Engineers
  10. Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics using MATLAB.

3.3 Useful Links


Sarang – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarangarajan-vijayraghavan-iyengar-6abab51a

Surya – https://www.linkedin.com/in/suryanarayanan-paneerselvam-05b65732/


  1. Infrastructure Facilities
  1. CAD LAB area of square feet – 1200.
  2. Systems Configuration – Dell Optiplex 3040 Desktop, 6th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor, 4GB Ram, 1 TB Hard disk, Dos, DVD Drive, 18.5” LED Monitor, Keyboard with Mouse, 3 Years Warranty.
  3. AUTOCAD Software (Licensed) – 50 Users
  4. PROE Software (Licensed) – 50 Users
  5. SOLID WORKS Software (Licensed) – 10
  6. CATIA Software (Licensed) – 15
  7. NX CAD/CAM – UNI GRAPHICS (Licensed) – 08
  8. EDGECAM (Licensed) – 05
  9. ANSYS Software (Licensed) – 05

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