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Trailhead provides developers and administrators a guided, learning path through the key features of Salesforce, using a set of interactive, online tutorials. Trailhead is a useful resource for developers and administrators at all levels of experience. a refreshing, new approach to learning, offering a simpler, easier, and more engaging option to get started with Sales force. Data Security, Process Automation, Basics, Lightning Components, Visual force Mobile, Application Lifecycle Management, Reports and Dashboards & Lightning Connect modules are in Trailhead.

The students are undergoing training on:-

  • Salesforce Business Administration specialists – super badge
  • Salesforce declarative platform app builder
  • Trailhead

The students are active participation on the following:-

  • National Student Championship 2018 – The Largest Learnathon of India on 2nd & 3rd February 2018
  • Salesforce Student Community Group.


The Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is simply that—data architecture designed for higher education institutions. Built in collaboration with Salesforce.org partners and customers, HEDA provides out-of-the-box functionality to organize your data in Sales force. It helps higher ed institutions of all sizes connect with students, alumni, and faculty in all kinds of ways.

Certificate Exchange Program on 26th July 2018 in association with ICT Academy and Salesforce