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30th August 2019




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About the event

COSTRUZIONE`19 is a tech-fest conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering of Sri Sairam Engineering College. Since its inception COSTRUZIONE has been a platform for knowledgeable and capable engineers to showcase their exceptional abilities in the art of civil and its various diversifications.

This year Costruzione has invited 100 colleges to contribute and learn from different disciplines which encompass each individual student to experience first-hand, the level of competition and excellence required to succeed as an engineer and a research scholar.This year would bring about a series of distinctive individuals to grab exciting prizes.

Bob the Builder

A perfect platform to explore your creative skills & logical thinking to construct a bridge using the base material provided that endures the maximum load.

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A perfect platform to explore your drafting skill& logical thinking about planning a residential buildings using an Auto CAD, for the given client statement.

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As per IS

If you have the vision to see what the code says instead of what it should say???Prove it !!! Are you ready to crack the Indian Standard codes?!

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The Last Surveyor

The technique, profession, art and science of finding the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them

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We are pleased to welcome you all to take part in this national level tech fest and grab worthy prizes.