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The main aim of this course is to provide training on Big Data and Analytics tools. DELL EMC certified trainers will be handling the classes. The students of IT and CSE have enrolled for this course. The theory and practical concepts to be covered in this course is listed as under :

  1. Introduction to Big Data Analytics and Data Analytics Lifecycle
    1. Big Data Overview
    2. State of Practice in Analytics
    3. The Data scientist
    4. Big Data Analytics in Industry Verticals
    5. Data Analytics Lifecycle
  2. Review of Basic Data Analytic Methods Using R
    1. Using R to look at Data Introduction
    2. Analyzing and Exploring the Data
    3. Statistics for Model Building and Evaluation
  3. Advanced Analytics – Theory and Methods
    1. K-means Clustering
    2. Association Rules
    3. Logistic Regression
    4. Naive Bayesian Classifier
    5. Decision Trees
    6. Time Series Analysis
    7. Text Analysis
  4. Advanced Analytics – Technology and Tools
    1. Analytics for Unstructured Data (Map Reduce and Hadoop)
    2. The Hadoop Ecosystem
    3. In-database Analytics- SQL Essentials
    4. Advanced SQL and MADlib for in data base Analytics
  5. Final Lab on Big Data Analytics
    1. Operationlizing an Analytics Project
    2. Creating the final Deliverables
    3. Data Visualisation Techniques
    4. Application of the Data Analytics Lifecycle to a Big Data Analytics Challenge

Certificate Exchange Program on 27/9/2017