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S.NoName of the Inventor (s) with Designation, Office Title of InventionDate of FilingDate of PublishPatent No (or) Application NoStatus of Indian Patents

Mechanical Engineering
Three Wheeled commercial vehicle1.1.20147.8.2014Design No:259169Granted
2Dr.G.Puthilibai Department of ChemistryNovel Mixed Ligand Ruthenium ( III) Complexes ,Its production method and use in cancer Therapy. 25.09.20159/10/2015 41 / 20155122 /CHE /2015Granted
3A.V.Joshikumar Information TechnologyPENPAL-An Electronic Pen aiding Visually impaired in reading understanding and visual textua.02.2.20129.8.13396/CHE/2012Filed
4Dr.A.Rajendra Prasad
Dean ( R & D) &
Vishal Chandrasekar
Bluetooth based Vehicle Engine control system23.10.2013-4784/CHE/2013Filed
5 K.Anbumai ( faculty )
S.Kamesh (Student )
Electronics & Instrumentation Enginering
Counterfeit Currency detection technique using image processing polarization principle and holographic technique.4.02.201401.07.2016499/CHE/2014Filed
6Dr.A.Abdul Rahaman
Mechanical Engineering
Green Box for green house.6.11.2014-5586/CHE/2014Filed
7R. Vimal Mechanical EngineeringMethod of Preparation of ACYL -4,4’-DI(AZO-ALKANOL OR AMINO ) (DIPHEYL SULFONE OR METHYLPYRIMIDINE)25.3.2015-1517/CHE/2015Filed
8R. Sriram. Electrical &Electronics EngineeringEncompassing Demand Dispatch Feature in Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) of Synchronous Generator08.08.201405.09.20143910/CHE/2014Filed
9V. Pramod Mechanical EngineeringAmbidextrous Drafter26.02.201624.03.20175054/CHE/2015Filed
10Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad
B. K. Rohit
V. Varun Kalyanaraman
S. Vasanth
S. Vignesh
Mechanical Engineering
Prevention of Air Suffocation Inside A Car Cabin Using Mechatronic System31.05.201709.06.2017201741019066Filed
11Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad
Mr. N. Vasudevan
Balaji. S
Akash Chowdhury
Danasekar. A
Jayanthinathan. S
Mechanical Engineering
PCM Assisted Cold Storage Flask31.05.201716.06.2017201741019069Filed
12Dr. G. Puthilibai Department of ChemistrySynthesis Route for the Preparation of Recyclable Ruthnium(II) Corbonyl Schiff Base Catalysts with Triphenyl Phosphate/Arsine23.06.201728.07.2017201741022097Filed
13Dr. G. Puthilibai Department of ChemistryRuthenium – Hydrazone Complex Catalysts : Precursors, Process for the Preparation and their Use23.06.201728.07.2017201741022096Filed
14Dr. B. Vijayaramanth
Dr. C. Elanchezhian
Sivaswamy Akilesh
R. Aravind Srinivas

Mechanical Engineering
Development of Polypropylene Based Nylon Glass Filled Composite and Acacia Fibre Composite14.06.201723.06.2017201741020720Filed
15Dr. B. Vijayaramanth
Dr. C. Elanchezhian
Jaya prakash

Mechanical Engineering
Automatic Pneumatic Gears Shifting Mechanism in Two Wheeler(Use of Sensor and Microcontroller)14.06.201723.06.2017201741020721Filed