Celebrating our esteemed alumnus, Dr. P. Veera Muthuvel, Project Director of Chandrayaan 3 on October 3, 2023.

Exciting Day at Sairam Institutions!

On October 3rd, 2023, Sairam Institutions had the privilege of hosting Dr. Veeramuthuvel, the Project Director of Chandrayaan 3 and an illustrious alumnus of Sri Sairam Engineering College. It was a day filled with pride and inspiration!

Dr. Veeramuthuvel was accorded a hero’s welcome from the college community. Our NCC cadets proudly formed a Guard of Honour. Vidya Ratna Shri. Dr. Munirathnam sir, President of the Consortium of Tamilnadu Self Financing Colleges and founder of RMK Institutions, was the Chief Guest for the day.
The highlight of the event was the dramatic landing of a miniature Chandrayaan 3 model on stage, recreating the historic moon landing, witnessed by over 10,000 enthusiastic college students. It was a truly unforgettable experience for the entire audience.

Dr. Veeramuthuvel shared his incredible journey, detailing the meticulous planning and successful execution of Chandrayaan’s mission. His presentation was a treasure of inspiration for all of us. Later, renowned TV personality, Mr. Gopinath, conducted a captivating one to one interview with Dr.Veeramuthuvel, delving into the depths of his personal life, experiences and insights.

It truly was a day to remember, where we celebrated the remarkable achievements of our alumnus. Dr. Veeramuthuvel stands as a living testament to the extraordinary journey of an individual hailing from a secluded village in Tamil Nadu. Through unwavering passion, unwavering dedication, laser-like focus, and unrelenting perseverance, he transcended earthly limits and etched his name among the stars, emerging as a true national hero!
The success of an institution is not merely measured by its physical infrastructure or academic success. True institutional success lies in its ability to nurture and shape individuals like Dr. Veeramuthuvel, who serve as beacons of inspiration and contribute significantly to nation-building. Such success stories are a source of pride and motivation for the institution and serve as a reminder of its crucial role in shaping the future of the nation.

I wish our beloved Founder Chairman Shri.MJF.Ln. Leo Muthu was there to witness this remarkable event. I am sure it would have made him extremely proud and happy!