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Funded Projects

Research and  Development Funded projects carried out by the college:

SL.NoProject TitleProject DurationAmount Received
(In Rupees)
Funding AgencyStatus (Completed/ In progress)Faculty involved / Department
1Design ,Development and Demonstration of vertical axis free flow helical clustered water turbine2019-20208,16,384Department of Science and Technology
In progressDr. R.Ashok Gandhi
Dr. S. Ramachandran
Mr. A.Ravinthiran
Mechanical Engineering
2Development of a green Energy farm by designing and developing Shrouded Hydrofoil Horizontal Axis Hydro – Kinetic water turbine.2015-201833,69,000Department of Science and Technology
( DST) ( TSDP)
In progressDepartment of Science and Technology( DST) ( TSDP
3Study on the Influence of Cryogenic treatment on Aluminum alloys and its composites during solidification and after solidification in material property modification suitable for aerospace applications 2015-201812,94,118Research Promotion
CompletedDr. A. Rajendra Prasad
Mr. N. Vasudevan
Mechanical Engineering
4Development of appropriate rural sanitation with refernce to sludge treatment2015-201812,99,240Ministry of Drinking water and Sanitation
( MoDWS) Swachh Bharat Mission -II
CompletedDr. A. Abdul Rahman
Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad Mechanical Engineering
5Innovation And Entrepreurship Development Centre(IEDC)2012-201743,50,000Department of Science and Technology
( DST)
CompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Dr.K.Renganathan & Mr.N.Vasudevan
6Upgradation of Computer Networks Lab by Establishing Advanced Virtual Software2013-201412,00,000MODROBS
CompletedDr. B. Latha Mrs. V. Kavitha CSE Department
7Modernisation of Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab to Embedded Systems Lab for Real Time Applications2013-201420,00,000MODROBS
CompletedMrs. A.R. Ranjini ECE Department
8Modernisation of network programing lab with Netsim - A versatile tool2013-20146,00,000MODROBS
CompletedMr. Prabahar godwin james
9Optimization through Reverse Engineering for Engine Assembly2011-2012 6,00,000Research Promotion Scheme AICTECompletedDr. B.VijayaRamnath Mechanical Engineering
10Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)2011-2012 10,00,000AICTECompletedDr.C.Arunachalam
11Modernisation of Electrical machines Laboratory2011-2012 6,00,000MODROBS
CompletedMr. AL. Kumarappan
Mr. R. Azhagumurugan EEE Department
12Modernization of control systems laboratory2011-2012 10,00,000MODROBS
CompletedMr. AL. Kumarappan EEE Department
13Establishment of Video and Image Processing Lab2010-2011 6,00,000MODROBS
CompletedDr.T.Sheela Ms.Haripiya IT Department
14E Drive - “Automated vehicles for disabled & multipurpose robot”2010-2012 15,00,000/-NCP AICTECompletedDr.T.Sheela Ms.S.Usha IT Department
15Solar Photovoltaic Powered PCM Integrated Cooling system for fruits /Vegetables preservation in remote locations2010-2012 3,75,000Research Promotion Scheme AICTECompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Mr.A.S.Ramana Mechanical Engineering
16Entrepreneurship Development Cells(EDC)2010-2011 8,00,000AICTECompletedDr.K.Maran Master of Bussiness Administration
17Establishment of Video and Image Processing Lab2010-2011 6,00,000MODROBS
CompletedDr.T.Sheela Ms. Haripriya IT Department
18Establishment of Optical Communication System Design & Development Laboratory2009 - 201015,00,000MODROBS
CompletedMs. S. Brindha ECE Department
19Development of Advanced Reconfigurable Virtual Instrument. 2009 - 201015,00,000MODROBS
CompletedMs.T.Mangayarkarsi ICE Department
20Up gradation of IC Engines Lab by Establishing Advanced Computerised Engines Bio Fuels2009 - 20105,50,000MODROBS
CompletedProf. M. Suresh Mechanical Engineering
21An Automatic Call detection & Notification system2009 - 20101,57,000/-Twice DigitaleCompletedDr.B.Latha Ms.Ananthi Ms.T.Subha IT Department
22Establishment of Flexible Manufacturing System2009-201010,00,000MODROBS AICTE
CompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Prof.A.Vijayakumar Mechanical Engg
23Development of Flexible Fuel Engine2008-20102,00,000Ford India Ltd.CompletedMr.M.Suresh Mr.L.Saravanakumar Mechanical Engg
24MUGGROT- A Multipurpose Agricultural Robot2008 - 20091,75,000GMac Technologies, ChennaiCompletedMs.Adiline
Mr.M.Suresh Kumar Ms.V.K.G.Kalaiselvi
IT Department
25Knowledge Management Lab2008-20095,00,000AICTECompletedProf.N.Nityanandam Computer Science Department
26R & D in Alternate fuels2008-20095,00,000Hyundai Motor India Ltd.,CompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Mr.L.Saravanakumar Mechanical Engg
27Design And Fabrication of Multi Level Automatic Car Parking System.2008-200950,000TNSCSTCompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Mechanical Engineering
28Characterization study of Bio-Diesel in terms of performance cost and applicability2007-2009 2,00,000Research Promotion Scheme AICTECompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Mr.Sivakumar Mechanical Engineering
29Development of Telemedicine Research project using Artificial Intelligence and Web Technology2007-200810,00,000AICTECompletedMs.P.M.Beulah Devamalar Prof.N.Nityanandam
CSE Department
30ICANE Using GPS2005 -200661,000TCSCompletedMs.P.M.Beulah Devamalar CSE Department