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Funded Projects

Research and  Development Funded projects carried out by the college:

SL.NoProject TitleProject DurationAmount Recei ved(In Rupees)Funding AgencyStatus (Completed/ In progress)Faculty involved / Department
1Development of a green Energy farm by designing and developing Shrouded Hydrofoil Horizontal Axis Hydro – Kinetic water turbine.2015-201833,69,000Department of Science and Technology ( DST) ( TSDP)In progressDr. A. Rajendra Prasad
Dr. S. Ramachandran
Mr. N. Vasudevan
Mechanical Engineering
2Study on the Influence of Cryogenic treatment on Aluminum alloys and its composites during solidification and after solidification in material property modification suitable for aerospace applications2015-201812,94,118Research Promotion
In progressDr. A. Rajendra Prasad
Mr. N. Vasudevan
Mechanical Engineering
3Development of appropriate rural sanitation with refernce to sludge treatment2015-201812,99,240Ministry of Drinking water and Sanitation
( MoDWS) Swachh Bharat Mission -II ( Gramin)
In progressDr. A. Abdul Rahman
Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad Mechanical Engineering
4Innovation And Entrepreurship Development Centre(IEDC)2012 -201743,50,000Department of Science and Technology ( DST)CompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Dr.K.Renganathan & Mr.N.Vasudevan
5Upgradation of Computer Networks Lab by Establishing Advanced Virtual Software2013-201412,00,000MODROBS AICTECompletedDr. B. Latha Mrs. V. Kavitha CSE Department
6Modernisation of Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab to Embedded Systems Lab for Real Time Applications2013-201420,00,000MODROBS AICTECompletedMrs. A.R. Ranjini ECE Department
7Modernisation of network programing lab with Netsim - A versatile tool2013-146,00,000MODROBS AICTECompletedMr. Prabahar godwin james
8Optimization through Reverse Engineering for Engine Assembly2011-20126,00,000Research Promotion Scheme AICTECompletedDr. B.VijayaRamnath Mechanical Engineering
9Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)2011-201210,00,000AICTECompletedDr.C.Arunachalam
10Modernisation of Electrical machines Laboratory2011-20126,00,000MODROBSAICTECompletedMr. AL. Kumarappan
11Modernization of control systems laboratory2011-201210,00,000MODROBS AICTECompletedMr. AL. Kumarappan EEE Department
12Establishment of Video and Image Processing Lab2010-2011 6,00,000MODROBS AICTECompletedDr.T.Sheela Ms.Haripiya IT Department
13E Drive - “Automated vehicles for disabled & multipurpose robot”2010-201215,00,000/-NCP AICTECompletedDr.T.Sheela  Ms.S.Usha IT Department
14Solar Photovoltaic Powered PCM Integrated Cooling system for fruits /Vegetables preservation in remote locations2010-2012 3,75,000Research Promotion Scheme AICTECompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Mr.A.S.Ramana Mechanical Engineering
15Entrepreneurship Development Cells(EDC)2010-20118,00,000AICTECompletedDr.K.Maran Master of Bussiness Administration
16Establishment of Video and Image Processing Lab2010-20116,00,000MODROBS AICTECompletedDr.T.Sheela Ms. Haripriya IT Department
17Establishment of Optical Communication System Design & Development Laboratory2009 - 2010 15,00,000MODROBSCompletedMs. S. Brindha ECE Department
18Development of Advanced Reconfigurable Virtual Instrument.2009 - 2010 15,00,000MODROBS AICTECompletedMs.T.Mangayarkarsi ICE Department
19Up gradation of IC Engines Lab by Establishing Advanced Computerised Engines Bio Fuels2009 - 20105,50,000MODROBS AICTECompletedProf. M. Suresh Mechanical Engineering
20An Automatic Call detection & Notification system2009 - 20101,57,000/-Twice DigitaleCompletedDr.B.Latha Ms.Ananthi Ms.T.Subha  IT Department
21Establishment of Flexible Manufacturing System2009-201010,00,000MODROBS AICTECompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Prof.A.Vijayakumar Mechanical Engg
22Development of Flexible Fuel Engine2008-20102,00,000Ford India Ltd.CompletedMr.M.Suresh Mr.L.Saravanakumar Mechanical Engg
23MUGGROT- A Multipurpose Agricultural Robot2008 - 20091,75,000GMac Technologies, ChennaiCompletedMs.Adiline Mr.M.Suresh Kumar Ms.V.K.G.Kalaiselvi IT Department
24Knowledge Management Lab2008-20095,00,000AICTECompletedProf.N.Nityanandam Computer Science Department
25R & D in Alternate fuels2008-20095,00,000Hyundai Motor India Ltd.,CompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Mr.L.Saravanakumar Mechanical Engg
26Design And Fabrication of Multi Level Automatic Car Parking System.2008-200950,000TNSCSTCompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Mechanical Engineering
27Characterization study of  Bio-Diesel in terms of performance cost and applicability2007-2009 2,00,000Research Promotion Scheme AICTECompletedDr.A.Rajendra Prasad Mr.Sivakumar Mechanical Engineering
28Development of Telemedicine Research project using Artificial Intelligence and Web Technology2007-200810,00,000AICTECompletedMs.P.M.Beulah Devamalar Prof.N.Nityanandam CSE Department
29ICANE Using GPS2005 -200661,000TCSCompletedMs.P.M.Beulah Devamalar CSE Department