Transforming engineering education is one of the visions of Sairam Institutions. To fulfill this vision, the Office of Innovation, Sairam Institutions has designed and developed an innovative competition based learning model named Sairam Innovation Ecosystem. This model was piloted for the autonomous batch students from the academic year 2020-21. The enormous amount of positive feedback from the students created confidence to implement it for the four years of engineering students in Sairam Institutions. “One Student – One Startup” is the main focus of this ecosystem. The slow and steady process crafted to implement this ecosystem will help to achieve this target.

Sairam Innovation Ecosystem is a comprehensive well-crafted program that encourages indigenous student innovations along with lending support for setting up start-ups and incubations. The program is implemented in stages, with the overall objective of converting the student ideas into start-ups and patentable technologies. The program is implemented in four stages namely Immersion Program (generation of idea) at the I Year, Live-in-Lab (Checking the feasibility and enhancing the ideas) at the II Year , Mini Project (prototype development and its testing) at III Year and Project Development (development of final product, filing of patent as applicable and setting up of Start-ups) at the final year. Each stage is implemented through a well-formulated event Sairam SDG Ideathon at I Year, Sairam SDG Solveathon at II Year, Sairam SDG Innovathon at III Year and Sairam SDG Inspirethon at IV Year in which all the students are encouraged to actively participate. This ecosystem is implemented right from the first year of under-graduation. The prime highlight of this program is to make students solve the issues enlisted in the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals program.

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