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The ORACLE academy offers JAVA Fundamentals and Java Programming certification course within the college campus. Oracle Java Programmer certification certifies programmers on skills and knowledge related to the Java Programming language. When the students become certified, Oracle verifies that the student have a base set of knowledge and skills that enables them to develop software using Java. The course is offered as two levels, the details of which are given as below :

Level 1: Java Fundamentals

Course Duration: 60 hrs. (The course includes basic Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities, quizzes, program 3-D animations, develop 2-D games and create Java applications)

Course Overview

Java Fundamentals Course Sections

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Create animations and games
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of Java technology and the Java programming language
  • Use the Java programming language to create applications
  • Integrate decision, looping, and other intermediate code to create applications

Course Materials in Oracle Academy Member Hub

Course Materials include:

  • Student Guides – PDF slides with additional notes for each lesson
  • Practice Guides -PDF document with practice activities
  • Project Guides* – PDF document with project activities
  • Quizzes -Online quiz for each lesson
  • Exams -Online midterm and final exam for each course
  • Additional Resources – Some lessons include additional materials as needed
  • *Projects are not provided for every lesson

Course Map

  • It is a lesson planning tool used to plan how you will complete lessons in the amount of time you have available over a unit or semester
  • Lessons are designed in a modular way
  • The course map provides a recommended duration of each lesson
  • The map is based upon 45 minute class duration, but can be adapted to shorter or longer class timings


In this course the students will use the following software:

  • Alice 3: A 3D environment for creating animations
  • Greenfoot: An interactive 2D environment for creating games
  • Eclipse: A popular environment for Java application development
  • Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

Integrated Development Environment

As a developer, the students will use Alice, Greenfoot, and Eclipse, which are Integrated Development Environment s (IDEs), to create Java applications.

Level 2: Java Programming

Course Duration: 70 hrs.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Java Primitives
  • Strings
  • Logical and Relational Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Program Control
  • Object Classes
  • Constructor and Method Overloading
  • Inheritance
S.NoLevel – 1 & 2 Exam PatternMarks
1Midterm Exam100%
2Final Exam100%

Number of students Trained

S.NoBatchNumber of Students benefited


July 2016

Inaugural Function of ORACLE TRAINING ACADEMY at Sri SaiRam Engineering College by Mr.Venkatesh G, Assistant General Manager, Training & Development ICTACT. July 2016-Sep 2016

APRIL 2016

Faculties attended the trainer course on “Java Fundamentals and Java Programming” at “Sri Sairam Engineering Collegein association with ICT Academy and Oracle Academy by “Ms.PriyamDaas, Oracle Trainer“for five days.

Third year Students(2014-2018) are trained to object-oriented concepts, terminology, and syntax, and the steps required to create basic Java programs using hands-on, engaging

activities , program 3-D animations, develop 2-D games and applications.

First Oracle Academy Virtual student Day! celebrated on 24.3.2017 .The webinar on the following topicsIntroduction to Oracle NoSQL Database, Digital xperience Database Security, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain conducted for the students to develop their corporate carrier.

July 2017-Sep 2017

Second Oracle Academy

February 2018

Third year Students (2015-2019) are trained.

Virtual Student Day celebrated on 26.2.2018.

July 2018-Sep 2018


Students who wish to turn predominant in Java can start their Java programming experience in “ORACLE TRAINING ACADEMYand can learn how to create animations, games and Java applications using fun and engaging tools. Under each topic, quizzes are provided to prepare for placements and competitive exams.


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