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Paper submission procedure

Authors should submit their original, unpublished research papers. • Papers should be submitted in MS Word format and should not exceed 2500 words; text should be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12 and all text should be one-and-a half line spaced and fully justified. • Heading should be bold faced in font size 14, sub heading bold faced and in font size 12 • Each page should be numbered at the bottom on the right side. •References should be in the APA format. • Verifiable sources for the secondary information are to be given. • Scanned, signed copyright form has to be submitted along with the full paper and the signed hard copy should be submitted before the conference. • Cover page should contain title of the paper, author/s’ name and affiliation, contact details including mobile number and e-mail address. • If the paper is co-authored by more than one, all the authors need to be registered individually.