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Dear Sir,

You will kindly appreciate that with the TCS accreditation is one of the toughest processes in evaluating the standard and standing of colleges. Sri Sairam went through the process with effortless ease by virtue of its high standard. Our relationship, placed on a trajectory of vertical growth, has since seen many a heights in the last two years.

Our campus recruitment program went off with spectacular success. A number of your students are on board with us – and constitute a shining example of our fruitful collaboration. Your college has lent powerful support to every endeavor of TCS.

Yours is an outstanding institution. You provide an outstanding academic leadership. You have visionary leaders in your Chairman, Secretary and Manageress. The key link for the growth of an engineering institution is its linkage with the industry. And you have that.

We have no modicum of doubt that Sri Sairam, with its right attitude and drive, will scale greater heights – and with that our relationship will witness many inspiring strides.

Thanks and regards akp.

Pattabiraman Krishnaswamy

Head, Accreditation Process for South India,

Tata Consultancy Services Limited

It has been our privilege to associate with your institution and have had very good response from you in all our initiatives.

The campus interview was very well organized and we received full cooperation from your placement cell and the student volunteers. All efforts were taken to ensure that our process was adhered to. I must say that your campus is neat and well maintained and the students and staff are well taken care of.

We hope to build a long lasting relationship with your institution.

Thanks and regards,

Sumukhi Jairam

General Manager-Corporate Alignment and Training