Center for International Relations

“Center for International Relations (CIR)” coordinates bilateral research and academic programmes with the aim of opening up new frontiers and global opportunities in Engineering education and Research. This center accelerates much more international collaboration with foreign universities and research organizations. It is also desirous in renewing and strengthening the bonds between the academic communities through Student & Faculty exchange and other international outreach Programs with activities.

The major objectives of CIR-Sri Sairam Engineering College are:

  • To facilitate the students and the faculty learn about the contemporary international system, which will help them to establish a more structured and knowledgeable opinion on the world issues and interlinks, preparing them for a career on the international level.
  • To support and conduct research both in the national and the international level and to increase the cooperation of academia with the public and private sectors.


The CIR-Sri Sairam Engineering College regularly concentrates in fostering creative thinking on the pressing global problems and to equip the students with the analytic tools, language expertise and cross-cultural understanding to guide them in that process. This center carries out the following activities:

  • MoU with Universities:Sri Sairam Engineering College will sign MOU with various premier international Universities and Industries, which will have ample or extensive opportunities in the tremendous development of the institute. The CIR-Sri Sairam Engineering College encourages, maintains and sustains all the MoUs for the relentless growth.
  • The center continuously promotes various events such as Summer/Winter Research Internship Programs, Research Attachment Programs, Exchange of Students, Exchange of Faculty and Research Scholars, , which helps international accreditation in the future.
  • It motivates the interested faculty and scholars to submit joint research project proposalsto various global funding agencies.
  • This center encourages Joint research work, collaborative research publications, Joint Patents,
  • It enhances the activities through joint faculty research, faculty teaching exchange, short term student visits, visiting scholar exchange and joint workshops and conferences, ensuring the futuristic approach of the institution.
  • Promotion of International Delegation Visits: It focuses on thevisits of more number of eminent academicians, outstanding scholars and students from all over the world to Sri Sairam Engineering College.
  • Our international accreditation initiativesare aimed to work hand in hand with foreign universities for leveraging the collaborative activities for the empowerment of the institute, in creating the knowledge society.
  • IEEE International Conference on Power, Energy, Control and Transmission Systems, PECTS’22, December 2022 jointly organized with Wayne State University, USA

At present, the Sri Sairam Engineering College has established academic and research collaborations with Sur University College (SUC), Oman, (Affiliated to Bond University, Australia) through MoU. The goals of this MoU are to encourage cooperation between the two institutes/ organization in the work area identified and to recognize the development and specifications made by the participants.

Each organization operates according to its own respective rules and procedures. The parties desire through this MoU to establish specific guidelines regarding the sharing of documents and the participation by observers in certain meetings.

The agencies/ institutes/ organization shall exchange desired information and research outcomes on relevant work programs in the identified work areas.

If either agency makes reference to the specifications of the other agency, such reference should follow the other agency’s publication policies regarding the same.

Virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SUC, Oman.


Information Systems and Technology Department of SUC, Oman

  • Exchange of students and faculty members for enrichment and sharing of knowledge.
  • Collaboration on research projects, research publications and conducting FDP’s, seminars and workshops.
  • Exchange of students for Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Symposia.
  • Other forms of co-operation made by mutual agreements.

Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai, India 

  • May work jointly on research projects, the nature of sharing of roles and responsibilities would be specific to each research project.
  • Exchange of students for Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Symposia
  • Collaborate on research publications and conducting FDP’s, seminars and workshops.
  • Other forms of co-operation made by mutual agreements.