Funded Projects

Government Funded Projects

SL.NOProject Scheme/Funding AgencyTITLE2014-152015-162016-172017-182018-19Grant
(In Rupees)
1Department of Science and Technology
( DST) ( TSDP)
Design ,Development and Demonstration of vertical axis free flow helical clustered water turbine-8,16,3848,16,384
2IEDC / DSTInnovation And Entrepreurship Development Centre(IEDC)8,00,0008,00,0008,00,000--24,00,000
3Department of Science and Technology
( DST) ( TSDP)
Development of a green Energy farm by designing and developing Shrouded Hydrofoil Horizontal Axis Hydro –Kinetic water turbine-33,69,000-33,69,000
4RPS , AICTEStudy on the Influence of Cryogenic treatment on Aluminum alloys and its composites during solidification and after solidification in material property modification suitable for aerospace applications-12,94,118-12,94,118
5Ministry of Drinking water and SanitationDevelopment of appropriate rural sanitation with reference to sludge treatment .-12,99,240
6MSMEStudent idea Incubation *--65,00,00065,00,000
7 MoNRE &
Sapthagiri Educational Trust
Development and Instalation of 500kW Grid tie Solar power plant System
--2,82,41, 0002,82,41, 000
8Sapthagiri Educational TrustSairam IEDC--2,50,0002,50,0005,00,000
9TNSCSTStudent Projects -49,00060,00022,500-1,31,500