The SEC campus spreads over 300 acres in a beautiful and serene atmosphere ideally suited for technical education. It is a wholly self-contained campus comprising everything that students would ever require to pursue whatever they wish.

Modern and Advanced Devices & Equipment

A technologically adept campus: A campus wide wireless computing network is in place that allows staff members and students to log on to the Internet at any point of time. The Internet lab powered by dedicated leased lines (up to 1600 Mbps) is open for students even after college hours to help them spend additional time to make use of the unlimited information and to do any educational process of their wish. Power generators are provided in various places in the campus to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

FacilityTotal NumberTotal Area in Sq.m
Class Rooms1079012 Sq.m
Tutorial Room UG321429 Sq.m
Tutorial Room PG15756 Sq.m
Labs11010070 Sq.m
Seminar Halls152659 Sq.m
Smart Class Rooms2334 Sq.m
1. Sri Leo Muthu Stadium120849 Sq.m
2. Sigma Auditorium11217 Sq.m
3. B Block Auditorium1335 Sq.m
4. Open Air Auditorium11485 Sq.m
Video Conferencing Room2 (Each 283 Sq.m)566 Sq.m
Workshop51294 Sq.m
Additional Workshop143647 Sq.m
Drawing Hall3504 Sq.m
Research Lab8799 Sq.m
Computer Centre3865 Sq.m
LibraryStack Area1702 Sq.m
Reading and Reference558 Sq.m
Periodical Section127 Sq.m
AV hall275 sq. m
Digital Library292 Sq.m
Central Library17749 Sq.m
HOD & Faculty Cabin461697 Sq.m