Dr. G. Sathish kumar

Unit 1 – Funding Unit

Dr. S.K. Uma Maheswaran

Unit 2 – Funding Unit

Mrs. M. Vanitha

Unit 3 – Self-Financing Unit

Dr. S. Dinesh

Unit 4 – Self-Financing Unit

Mr. K. Mohan Raj

Unit 5- Self-Financing Unit


  • Program officers image updation.
  • Unit I consists of 100 members, 50 from I year and 50 from II year. Similarly Unit II, III, IV and V also consists of 100 students. All these units are actively functioning with the following criteria.
    • Regular activities of 120 hours every year.
    • Conducting a special camp of 7 days in a village every year.
  • We are proud to say that until this academic year since 1997, the NSS units of our institution have conducted the  highly useful “Blood Donation Camps”.
  • Our NSS units have set new milestones for mobilizing blood donors among the students . Since 1997 we have been organizing a blood donation camp every year. In the first camp our students donated 200 units of blood, now we have crossed 2000 units of blood. For the past 20 years we have received the highest number of blood donor awards  among colleges in Tamilnadu.  We also send  our volunteers (our students) to various hospitals for donating blood in an emergency situation  to save  human lives
  • Serving society and giving back to society is our primary objective,this service will always be  provided.
  • Picture in GLIMPSES OF ‘SAIRAM NSS’ IN THE PAST 24 YEARS section is not available.
  • 100 per unit , totally 500 volunteers.
Ten Days Special Camp

Every year we are adopting one village for our special 10 days camp. First few days will be spent for identifying the problems of the village.

Our activities during every special camps:

  • Counseling, Tips and training for students who are appearing for the Board Exams in the village.
  • #Free Eye screening & surgery camp and spectacles distribution and arrangements for cataract surgery.
  • Conducting vocational training to the villagers (statistical work/computers).
  • Emphasizing to have clean and green environments.
  • The need to have hygienic and pollution free living conditions.
  • Helping the needy youngsters to get job opportunities.
  • Helping the people to develop self skills and arranging motivation talks.
  • Conducting Exhibition and distribution of books to poor students.
  • Inviting VIPs to the camp to address the people for further enlightenment.
  • Educating the youngsters to lead addiction free life with regard to liquor, smoke and drug.
  • Educating the villagers to have social involvement.
  • AIDS/CANCER awareness programs to village people.
Special camps conducted in the past 12 years
S.NOCamp VenueYear
1Ezhichur Village, Kancheepuram District1997 - 1998
2Poonthandalam Village, Kancheepuram District1999 - 2000
3Pazhanthandalam Village, Kancheepuram District2000 - 2001
4Hannumantha puram Village, kancheepuram District2002 - 2003
5Chithamur Villagae , Kancheepuram District2003 - 2004
6Sithalapakkam Village , Kancheepuram District2004 - 2005
7Ezhichur Village, Kancheepuram District2005 - 2006
8Acharappakkam Village , Kanchipuram District2006 - 2007
9Ezhichur Village, Kancheepuram District2007 - 2008
10Poonthandalam Village, Kancheepuram District2008 - 2009
11Keelamur village, Orathur village, Kancheepuram District2009 - 2010
12Orathur village, Perumbakkam village, Kancheepuram Dt.2010 - 2011
13Thandalam, Perumbakkam Village, Kancheepuram Dt.2011 - 1012
14Perumbakkam , Kazhanipakkam ,Kancheepuram Dt.2012 - 2013
15Perumbakkam, Thandarai, Kancheepuram Dt.2013 - 2014
16Thandarai, Thandalam, Kancheepuram Dt. 2014 - 2015
17Kayapakkam, Sirumayilur, Kancheepuram Dt.(2015 - 2016
18Kayapakkam , Kancheepuram Dt.(2016 - 2017
19 Thandalam, Perumbakkam , Kancheepuram (2017 - 2018)
20Melmadhuramangalam, Koothavakkam, Sriperumpudur (2018 - 2019)

Our service will continue until we make sure that every individual around as is self sufficient in education and social awareness.