Research Laboratories

Room NumberArea( Sq.m)Research Centre/ Research RoomFunded by( Internal /External Agency)Department
K450470Bio Fuel Research CentreSapthagiri Educational trustMechanical Engineering
K4501140Material Research CentreA.I.C.T.EMechanical Engineering
K3504140Centre for Product design and analysisSapthagiri Educational trustMechanical Engineering
K450490Clean EnergySapthagiri Educational trustMechanical Engineering
K2502140Centre for metrology and measurementSapthagiri Educational trustMechanical Engineering
A 2501140Centre for Flexible Manufacturing systemA.I.C.T.EMechanical Engineering
B1510140E-YantraSapthagiri Educational trustEIE , ICE
C250690Electronics and Communication Research CentreSapthagiri Educational trustElectronics and Communication
56Electrical and Electronics Research CentreSapthagiri Educational trustElectrical and Electronics
C - Block
Ground Floor
40IT Research Lab
Computer Centre -II
Sapthagiri Educational trustInformation